Matters of the heart

This week, two days in a row now, keeing an empty belly for some blood and health checks…not my thing…I am the kind of the person only mentally and physically functioning on a breakfast: a little bowl of oatmeal, some fruit, some tea or juice and my pain medication, that get’s me started!

The blood check was done yesterday, nothing painful there, though you never know in advance with my veins. They are very tiny, invisible and jump away when a needle gets close, a nurse’s nightmare!

The examination scheduled this afternoon then again is not my idea of fun. They need to have a closer look at the mitral heart valve as there appears to be a leak. I already had a normal echo last week, that’s how the valve problems and leak were discovered, but to determine the severeness they need to examine through the esophagus to have a better view on the heart, valves, and the veins leaving. My cardiologist explained the procedure could be somewhat compared to a gastroscopy, which I had earlier this year,and not a big fan by the way, but this should be somewhat more comfortable as they do not have to reach down as far as to the stomach…comfortable is not exactly the word I associate with any of these examinations, it always seems so much easier sitting on the other side of the room and wearing that white coat!

#garden #frost
early morning frost in the garden to warm the hart

I initially went to see the cardiologist as lately I start to experience more and more shortness of breath in daily activities, which are already limited in my case due to my back and chronic pain condition, by activities I just mean doing stairs, riding the bike, lately they all left me gasping for air as if I had just finished a one hour extensive workout! Besides the valve leak some other issues were discovered too, when in activity modus, my heart rate goes sky high too fast, that could be just a separate thing and no link to the valve issue but depending on how great the leak is and how the valve exactly behaves when in higher activity, there might be a link, so at this point this seems like the most urgent thing to further examine, so I just follow and listen…

…for when it comes to matters of the heart, I still want mine to continue to beat normal, feel, love, explore, wonder for a very very long time!

‘Health is the greatest wealth’  (Vergilius)



4 thoughts on “Matters of the heart

  1. Oh Ingrid. I love the way you write about your problems! You seem to have had such bad luck for someone who tried to keep their body healthy. Hopefully those experts will be able to correct anything they find that’s stopping you from leading an active life. I hope the process is resolved quickly so by Spring you can be back to your normal self.
    You are lucky to have such good health care. Is it free there or do you have to pay?
    I am still improving and sticking to my Pilates as it’s really making a difference to my back in spite of the awful picture the MRI scan revealed. I’m so glad I changed Physios and have someone who treats me as an expert on my own back. He’s given me a lot of faith and his treatment and the exercise a lot more strength!
    Have a wonderful Christmas with your family Ingrid!

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    1. Thank you Sue, am trying to keep hope and spirit high, as always, though not easy lately! It’s always more and more and more…the back problems, all the radiating and other pains coming from the back, then there is the tinnitus, the stomach problems, now this again, we don’t have total free health care in Belgium, patient still pays a significant portion, but comparing to some surrounding countries we can’t complain, fortunately we also have a good optional health insurance that covers in case of hospitalisation and post and after care. You pay for that of course, but in my case it sure already paid off! Wishing you all the best too Sue, sorry we can’t meet up in January in Londen, am passing, wishing you and your family festive magical pain-free weeks ahead xxx


  2. I hope your examination went as ‘comfortably’ as it could. Your strength and determination is inspiring. Many peace and blessings to you 🙂


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