Spring, you just keep me hanging on…

This girl is in desperate need for spring! We already had those first little teasers warming the heart, however the season transition, as often, is like the dancing procession of Echternach: three steps forward and two steps back! Spring definitely keeps us hanging on…

first signs of Spring hanging like festive garlands in the garden

Erratic as the weather and moody as my temper, this post jumps from cold to warm and from grey to colour, keeping in mind patience is always rewarded!

Speaking of patience, it took me a while to start blogging again, not out of lack of inspiration, more due to some health issues that keep hanging on themselves. There are days where all energy goes to getting through the day, but that’s another story…a little extra solar boost would definitely recharge my batteries!


Crisp cold mornings on the nearby corn field, in search for some colour, my hunt was rewarded!


As if someone carefully displayed them like in a giftbox…

corn frost

…and no gift without a wrap around it!

Meanwhile in our garden colours start to shift and the pale and earthy tones are joined by some welcome bright returning guests…

Hibiscus knobs



Like the airy plumes of the miscanthus below, resting in the wind and bringing fluffiness and spark am sure this slowly ignites nature’s transformation…

Miscanthus fluffy plumes

…to full spring days and a total explosion of life and colour all around, with playful bird tunes announcing the start of a fresh new day. In our garden the crocusses and daffodils are the first colourful guests, followed by some snowdrops and later on bluebells

I’ll settle with the crocusses for now and am living in hope as with the start of a new season maybe I get that reboot too 😉 The party garlands in the hazel tree are hanging in place…time to get this party started!



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