Hike and Seek (and birthday treat): Damme

Horse looking at sun going down over rural landscape

A picturesque little town, open polder landscape, plenty of restaurants, historic and cultural heritage and the proximity to both Belgian coast and Bruges. This all blends into a tasteful cocktail if you ask me… Cheers to another year!

Hard to imagine this small sleepy town was once all buzz and trading acitivity acting as a front port for mighty Bruges during the Middle Ages. The ‘Eighty Years’ War’ between Spain and the Netherlands left its trace on the region too: many towns and villages were fortified and walled, including Damme. If you are not afraid of heights climb up the 206 steps of the church tower for an overview on the star-shaped city walls (17th century) and surrounding landscape. Plenty of hiking and biking trails to explore at your own pace. A boat ride with nostalgic ‘Lamme Goedzak’ brings you to Bruges in half an hour. Enough time to sit back, relax and watch the polder landscape float by.

We had a lovely dinner at Lamme Goedzak restaurant. The chefs, father and son, serve a refined daily-fresh cuisine and there’s a cosy outside seating area.

Lamme Goedzak is a character in the novel ‘De Legende van Uilenspiegel’ and features as the side-kick with whom Damme-native Tijl Uilenspiegel has many adventures.

For a more casual vibe and lively buzz you can opt for De Smisse, where we had a tasteful lunch.

During this little two-day trip we also explored Zwin Dunes and Polders nature reserve at nearby Knokke-Heist.

From seaside to Damme is only a 20′ drive by car. From North Sea blues to inland greens, best of both worlds…

Evening sets in and the sunset glow that warms Damme creates the perfect idyllic background to reflect on a wonderful stay…we’ll be back!

Do join me next time when looking back on passage of the Tall Ships in Antwerp and we are in full prep mode for a trip to French Opal Coast so that’s also in the blog’s pipeline.






4 thoughts on “Hike and Seek (and birthday treat): Damme

  1. You have really picked a gem, Damme is small but very beautiful and very popular with tourists. Yesterday we cycled the Damse vaart in the area. The nature reserve at Knokke (called Het Zwin) is the first and therefore also one of the oldest protected nature reserves in our country. It is a paradise for waterfowl with also a specific vegetation.
    Damme also has something to offer culinary….. You will undoubtedly have enjoyed it.
    Have a nice Sunday and greetings from Antwerp.

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    1. Thanks for your lovely comments. It’s how I love spending the 🥳 and indeed a true gem! When we visit next time cycling definitely is on the planning. We had visited Zwin in past though neighbouring Zwinduinen was first time exploring for us and again here did not regret. Leaving for Côte d’Opale tomorrow 😉

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